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Deep Rock Galactic: How to..? Pickaxe mods!



If you are looking to optimize your Deep Rock Galactic Gear settings, you have come to the right place! This short How …? The pickaxe mod guide will discuss the options for both levels of pickaxe upgrades and whether they are worth considering in your own mod build or can be skipped entirely.

Now the pickaxe doesn’t really have that many upgrade options at the time of writing, but since I plan to do one of these for every piece of gear if I can, I’ll have to cover it at some point.

… Yes, there really aren’t many options here, right?

Pickaxe mods
Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

Tier 1

  • Power attack – Unlock a new melee attack with the pickaxe, Power Attack. Mandatory modification.

Fortunately, this is a great ability because the Power Attack serves a useful purpose, be it as a fairly long cooldown damage nuke to use on weak spots, or as a desperate strike to clear out the swarm of enemies around you.

It is good that it is also useful because it is the only option at this level; However, having the Power Strike Spike mod unlocked turns out to be very useful in typical gameplay, so it may be worth prioritizing arrival before other weapon mods.

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Level 2

In reality, this can be one of the rare cases in games where a set of mutually exclusive updates are roughly equal to each other in value and worth considering. Color me surprised and well done Deep Rock Galactic on that one, because that’s pretty weird. Anyway, to the options:

Your options are:

  • Serrated edge, for +120 power attack damage.
  • Shock wave, for an additional 1 yard radius for the effect of his Power Attack.
  • Better weight balance, to reduce the cooldown of the power attack by 10 seconds.

All of these options are pretty good and worth considering. I suggest you consider how you personally use Power Attack for this choice. If you use it often to attack large enemies, you probably can’t go wrong with the added damage from Serrated Edge. If like me, you use it to take out a lot of melee small range attackers and save ammo, Shockwave’s increased area or better weight balance for cooldown are valid options you can take advantage of.

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Well that’s it for this, probably the shortest article this series will contain. For those of you hoping to read more about pickaxe mods in Deep Rock Galactic, although there isn’t much more information, you can find the pickaxe wiki page here.

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