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Deep Rock Galactic: How to..? Platform gun mods!



If you are looking to optimize your Deep Rock Galactic Gear settings, you have come to the right place! This short How …? The Platform-gun Mods guide will discuss the options for the three levels of Platform-gun upgrades and whether they are worth considering in your own mod build or can be skipped entirely.

For the sake of cutting down a lot of extra words, I’ll refer to the platform gun as PG from now on.

Tier 1

  • Supercharged feed mechanism – Double the firing speed of the PG. This is a cheat option, likely to result in wasted ammo.
  • Expanded ammo pouches – Gives you 8 extra max ammunition, excellent choice.
  • High capacity magazine – Potentially useful, increase the size of the magazine to 8 from 4. It could save your life when you just don’t have time to reload at some point, but is otherwise inferior to bags of expanded ammo.

Immediately, Supercharged feed mechanism should be ignored, it is a cheat option – rate of fire may sound good on a real gun, but this is a utility tool with limited ammo. It must be precise with its use, not shoot it as fast as possible.

Expanded ammo pouches is the easiest recommendation here, and what most gamers should use. It’s simple, it’s effective, and it means that each resupply pod will contain an additional 4 rounds of PG ammo as an added bonus. The high-capacity magazine has some value, as the doubled magazine size could mean you can unload an additional platform without reloading in a life-saving way, but that’s a rare scenario – running out of ammo for the PG is much more common, what it does Expanded ammo pouches the best call for this slot.

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Level 2

  • Plastcrete MKII – Reduce fall damage if you land on the platform. Mandatory modification.

Another set of modifications, another mandatory choice. That being said, honestly, it’s probably good that this mod doesn’t compete with anything else because it’s extremely useful and wouldn’t be easy to beat. Plastcrete MKII greatly reduces fall damage if you land on a platform created by PG. Which means that the engineer can launch off a cliff, shoot, and take little or no damage; possibly for the class with the most limited mobility, this can prove extremely useful as an escape mechanism (and with acceleration of exploration).

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Level 3

  • Expanded ammo pouches – This may sound familiar, but another 8 max ammo.
  • Repellent additive – Errors will try to avoid standing on their platforms.

Both options are good here in theory. Enlarged ammo pouches, it’s a good pick as it was before, and if you take it both here and at tier 1, you’ll get double the normal ammo per resupply due to the higher capacity, which is pretty handy to have.

Repellent additive, in comparison, it offers a somewhat strange and interesting utility effect. This mod makes hordes of aliens politely try to get around the obstacle in front of them instead of running over it; In theory, you can buy an additional second per rig as the path will take longer, but since this mod is a bit unclear as to providing quantifiable value, it’s hard to measure its effect in any sort of out-of-game evaluation. This is one of those test mods. If you don’t like it, switch to Expanded ammo pouches for an always useful update. If it does, stick with it.

Platform Gun Mods
Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

You should end up with something that looks a bit like the above, and that brings us to the end of this guide. What modifications did you end up using your platform weapon? Let me know in the comments below.

For those who want to read about Platform-gun mods, you can find the wiki page here.

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