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Deep Rock Galactic update 33 coming next month



The cooperative first person shooter Galactic Deep Rock will get another big update next month. The update, titled New Frontiers, will be released on February 4 on Steam. The most important features of the new update will be two completely new biomes, each with new types of enemies. The update will also include some quality of life changes, like UI improvements, and something streamers should be very happy about.

The first new biome is Azure Weald, a neon bioluminescent area covered in alien plants. Hollow Bough, the other new biome, is the opposite. While Azure Weald is teeming with life, Hollow Bough is more like being inside a hollow, chipped tree. Two new enemies in Azure Weald include Mactera Tri-Jaws and Mactera Brundles, which will provide new challenges for players to kill. These enemies attack in swarms, so be sure to pack plenty of ammo.

Similarly, in Hollow Bough Deeptora Bough Wasps and Stabber Vines will be what players should be aware of. These enemies will do their best to stay hidden and take players by surprise, so your party will need to be on the alert. The Elimination, Salvage and Point Extraction modes will also receive some updates. Players will also have two new Battleship variants to battle with in Elimination. In Salvage, you will be able to interact with an M.U.L.E. broken. to unload the location of its missing legs, making targets much easier to locate. Lastly, in Point Extraction, players will have access to a new Minehead machine to combine with the other technology included in update 32.

Deep Rock Galactic update

Stream your mining without worry

For streamers, the Ghost Ship Games team has something that will make the environment on Twitch that much better. To avoid the shenanigans of the DMCA, eight new tracks will be added to the game that have been designated as “streaming safe.” Additionally, new dance gestures will be added along with a new animation for Molly to dock with the Drop Pod. A free hat is also part of the deal to celebrate the game being voted in the “Best With Friends” category at the Steam Awards by its players.

Galactic Deep Rock it’s available right now on Steam, and you can check out our full review if you’re interested.

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