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Demon Souls Remake Could Have Had An Easy Mode



There has been some discussion of an easy mode for a while now. With a lot hardcore fans hating the idea of the FromSoftware games getting an easy mode. As the games are known for being hard games and an easy mode could ruin the experience. Even though it would be a choice. It would change a lot of what the FromSoftware games are to fans. It is now being reported that the Demon Souls remake nearly had an easy mode. An easy mode could come into the game in future and it wouldn’t be the worst thing. Bluepoint adding the mode might not have been the best idea. As they aren’t the original developers and that big change should come from the creators. 

Why an easy mode could be bad for Demon Souls 

FromSoftware has been known for these tough games. It does give you this sense of achievement that has made the game so popular. That gives you a sense of if you die or get hurt, it’s your fault and you learn from that. If an easy mode is introduced that could disappear. Therefore we don’t really know what the game would feel like.There is the fact that the easy mode would be a choice and the normal mode would still be there. 

Or could it bring more players to the game? 

There is the argument that games are now made for everyone to experience. If an easy mode is introduced into FromSoftware games in the future or introduced into the older games. It could mean the players who choose not to play the game due to being too hard could change their mind about playing it. They also play the easy mode first then go back to play it again on its normal mode. The mode that the game is originally made to play. This could work in the future even though it could annoy a lot of harcore fans of the series. There is still the fact that this is a choice.

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