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Despite new partnerships, EA is still making more Star Wars games



Lucasfilm Game is sure to be busy today, with its latest resurrection causing quite a stir for the various properties under its umbrella. We know that a new Indiana Jones The game is in the works with MachineGames, but it also revealed that the brand is working with Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment for a new Star Wars game. This new adventure with a new partner for games set in the Star Wars universe questions the exclusivity agreement between Disney and Electronic Arts. That deal wasn’t meant to expire until 2023, but change appears to be in the air. However, Lucasfilm has now confirmed that EA is still doing Star Wars games.

The announcement comes through Lucasfilm Games Vice President Douglas Reilly. Speaking to, he confirmed that EA will continue to work on other Star Wars Titles

The relationship between the companies “has never been stronger.” While EA’s track record has been spotty, there are still certain gems that make it worthwhile. Both of them Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars: Squads it occurs to me. Although he couldn’t share any more details, there are several games in development with EA.

Some things change, others stay the same

EA also made it clear that the partnership was far from over. A few hours after the Ubisoft news, the company took to Twitter to reiterate your commitment to do more Star Wars games.

Despite the new partnerships, Ea is still making more Star Wars games (2)

It has become clear to everyone that the EA-Disney partnership didn’t go exactly as planned. There were a lot of games canceled, the studios closed, and of course no one will forget the loot box controversy.

However, it would not be fair to omit the successes as well. Apart from the two games mentioned above, Star Wars Battlefront II it has also gone from strength to strength after changes were made. However, this marks a new era for both. Star Wars and EA. We hope this decade will be much quieter.

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