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Destiny 2 — Guardian Games 2021 and the Heir Apparent catalyst guide



Once a year, Destiny 2The Guardians compete to claim the jackpot – the bragging rights which class is the best. That’s what we’re going to do now that the Guardian Games 2021 event is live during the Season of the Chosen. Players will earn medals and laurels, fill their podium to see their class rankings, and earn special rewards. Will the Titans win another uncontrolled victory, or will the Warlocks and Hunters finally fight back? Here is our Destiny 2 guide to help you with the Guardian Games 2021 event, as well as to acquire the exotic catalyst Heir Apparent.

Note: For more information, see our Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen guides and feature center, as well as the official Bungie page for the Guardian Games 2021 event. Also, remember that the Guardian Games event is available to everyone Destiny 2 players and runs from April 20 to May 11.

Destiny 2: Guardian Games 2021 Event Guide

Rewards, Laurels, Medals, and Contender Cards

Destiny 2The Guardian Games 2021 event follows the same basics we saw last year, although there are some notable differences. Let’s dive into the details, shall we?

To start participating in the Guardian Games 2021 event, just visit Zavala in the Tower to get your class item. Make sure your character wears the new Class 2021 item to progress.

Similarly, Eva Levante sells rewards, contender cards, and various rewards. As for the rewards, only the weekly reward will bring some laurels. Here are the weekly rewards right now:

  • Long time competitor: complete playlists 3 times; Earn 300x final blows with weapons in hits; must have the event class element equipped.
  • Big Game Competitor – Defeat 3 Bosses in Playlist Raids; Get 50x skill final blows on hits; must have the event class element equipped.

D2 Soch Ggms Ev Gd 1

So what exactly are laurels? Well, in addition to being rewarded when you complete Eva Levante’s weekly rewards, these appear as little specks that fall from deaths. You also earn additional laurels if you collect those belonging to your current class. As such, it is best to do activities with teammates using the same class.

If you play Gambit or Crucible, the laurels go directly to your inventory (a welcome change this year). However, if you are playing other activities, you should resume them.

Note: You can only generate laurels or earn progress in event rewards by wearing the Guardian Games 2021 class items. Using last year’s version just won’t work.

D2 Soch Ggms Ev Gd 2a

Meanwhile, medals are awarded each time you complete certain activities, triumphs, or contender cards.

These are stored in your Quest inventory and used to increase your class score via the Guardian Games podium (which I’ll get to later in this guide).

D2 Soch Ggms Ev Gd 2b

As I mentioned the Contender Cards, these provide the medals mentioned above. Think of them as accounts with random goals to be accomplished in a specific activity. You can buy them from Eva using the laurels you have purchased:

  • Platinum Card: Trials and Platinum Card: Nightfalls – Awards platinum medals.
  • Contender Cards: Strikes, Contender Cards: Crucible, Contender Cards: Gambit – Grants platinum medals.

Note: If you complete a Platinum card, you will also be considered an “All-Star” and will receive a platinum shine for the week.

D2 Soch Ggms Ev Gd 3

Rewards: Eva’s Items and the Heir’s Apparent Exotic Catalyst

Destiny 2The Guardian Games 2021 event has the Exotic Catalyst Heir Apparent as a reward, among many other items:

Reward cost Acquisition / Requirement
Rival Shells (Class-Based Legendary Ghost Shells) 350x Laurels Buy them from Eva Levante.
Color of Speed ​​(Legendary Sparrow) Triumph completion Complete the “World Class Scorer” triumph (earn class points during the event).
Heir apparent exotic machine gun Mission completion The quest will only be available if you haven’t obtained this item yet.
Heir apparent exotic catalyst Gold or platinum medals If you already have the Heir Apparent weapon, then depositing gold or platinum medals through the class podium will give you a chance to drop the Exotic Catalyst.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2021 Event Guide Heir Exotic Catalyst Best Class Titan 1

The Guardian Games Class Podium

As for the Guardian Games class podium, this is where you will deposit the medals you have accumulated to provide points to your class / team. As time passes throughout the day, you may notice some winnings showing which class / team is currently leading (based on the number of medals all players have accumulated). A calendar will also show which team won at the end of the day before the restart.

The team that obtained the most points is declared the winner. Make sure to stick to your chosen class, as there are additional perks, cosmetic glitters for your Guardian Games class item, and even some penalties.

Note: The class that ranks third for a particular day will have a 10% bonus for points earned the next day.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2021 Event Guide Heir Exotic Catalyst Best Class Titan 2a

As for modifiers (advantages and disadvantages), these are active only in the Guardian Games strike playlist:

Class rank Strong Penalty fee
Gold Increased health, shields, and recovery; kinetic weapons deal more damage. Both silver and bronze penalties will apply to that particular class.
Silver Higher melee reload rate, elemental damage, and high ammo availability. Hunter: the radar is deactivated; enemies are unfazed when damaged.
Warlock: Significantly higher damage in air.
Titan: Significantly higher melee damage from enemies.
Bronze Higher grenade damage and reload rate, as well as higher elemental damage. Hunter: radar is off.
Titan: Enemies have increased melee damage.
Warlock: Damage taken increases while airborne.

As you can see, winning on a particular day also means that there will be a disadvantage when you are out and fighting. I guess these pros (and cons) are Bungie’s way of promoting a catch-up mechanic for lower ranked classes / teams.

As for the podium ceremony, it happens every Friday. The rankings will determine the type of class item glow you will receive (i.e. third place gets a bronze glow, second place gets a silver glow, and first place gets a gold glow). The only exceptions are those who have earned an “All-Star” nickname for completing Platinum Contender Cards, as they will receive a platinum glow instead.

Finally, note that although Destiny 2The Guardian Games event continues until May 11, the closing ceremony will take place on May 7 (the Friday before the weekly reset that ends the event). During the closing ceremony, the winning class will be recognized. There will be fireworks in the Tower and a statue will put the class on display throughout the year.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2021 Event Guide Heir Exotic Catalyst Best Class Titan 2b

Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen is available through Steam. For more information, check out our Guides and Features Center.

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