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Diogo Nogueira confirms that he did not formalize his union with Paolla Oliveira: ‘by coincidence we were in white’



Paolla Oliveira and Diogo Nogueirathe reproduction

Posted on 10/14/2021 06:49 | Updated 10/14/2021 07:01 AM

During his live participation on Multishow’s TVZ, Diogo Nogueira finally opened the door to what the notary of Barra da Tijuca (15th Notary Office) was doing at Paolla Oliveira. During a conversation with singer Dilsinho, the attraction’s season presenter couldn’t stand it and decided to clarify the gossip that took to the internet last weekend.

Diogo, as expected by this humble column, confirmed that the service had nothing to do with the formalization of his union with the actress. “Dilsinho, do you know what’s going on? We are not married. We started dating not long ago. If I’m not mistaken, it’s five, six months, ”the samba dancer said.

He also confirmed another piece of information to us: the fact that they were in white when they received the clerk was pure coincidence: “We were in white. Coincidently. And when, if I marry her, you can be sure that it will be announced, “he added. Paolla also participated in the program, but virtually.

As we mentioned, last Monday Paolla Oliveira requested the drive from the notary’s office to her home due to a bureaucratic accounting service. Both were in white at the time, as it was a Friday.

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