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Dire Shadows locations and weaknesses



Dire Shadows are a special type of enemy that you will see very early in Persona 5 Strikers, with the former available even before you finish Shibuya Jail at the start of the game. If you are the curious type, they will also open a new asshole for you within seconds. These enemies are badass enough that when you see one, Futaba will step in and realize there is a very dangerous Shadow ahead. If that doesn’t give you a clue, they are also immobile and apparently blinking with electricity.

In Person 5 Strikers, Dire Shadows will not chase or attack you by themselves – you must initiate combat yourself. As such, you frankly deserve what you get (or, hopefully, you will have prepared enough). His probably It’s not worth trying to take on the underdog before reaching at least level 40, to give an indication of how tough these things are, and you shouldn’t approach the one in the final dungeon until level 70 at the very least. .

However, they are not only good for achievements, but also good for experience, and they drop some very useful items. This is where to find them in each dungeon and what their strengths and weaknesses are so that you can prepare properly.

Those in the final areas are segmented with a large spoiler warning, but be careful not to scroll too far down. Just in case.

Fearsome shadows

Persona 5 Dire Shadows 2

Shibuya Jail: Errors – Insects can be found in Bunkamachi near the entrance to the great square. Bugs resists damage from Psi and Nuke, but is weak to Lightning, Wind, and Curse. Expect to get hit with Psiodyne and some strong physical attacks, and the narrow arena makes this a little trickier than it should be.
Sendai Jail: Raja Naga – Raja Naga can be found in Sendai Jail, at the far end of the cul-de-sac outside of Rain Shrine. He drains lightning and wind, so you probably don’t want to take Ryuji or Morgana, but he has weaknesses for fire, ice, and blessing.
Sapporo Jail: Lilith – Head to the Northwest section of the Sapporo Clocktower section to confront this Dire Shadow. It has as many strong points as weak points: it will consume Fire, Ice, Lightning and Wind; conversely, it is weak for Psi, Nuke, Bless, and Curse. Haru, Makoto, and Sophia are great options here.
Okinawa Jail: Nebiros – Nebiros is very easy to find, it is located a little east of the first checkpoint in the Okinawa jail. It is resistant to both Blessing and Curse, but weak to Fire, Electricity, and Wind.
Kyoto Jail: Yatagarasu – The nature of the Kyoto jail means that finding this Dire Shadow can be a bit tricky. Yatagarasu hangs out at Mother Fox Shrine after you’ve done what needs to be done there.

In case you’ve forgotten how to get there: From the Fox Couple Sanctuary checkpoint, head west through the Daughter of the Foxes Sanctuary and through the warp to the west to reach the Path of Fortune . On the Path of Fortune there is an altar with a swirling door. Head through that to get to Mother Fox Shrine. Once you find it, Yatagarasu drains Lightning and Wind, but has weaknesses to Fire, Ice, and Nuke damage.

Osaka Jail: Eligor – Eligor is another easy to find. Rock on Mt. Chashiro checkpoint and head east. This great bad horseman drains Fire and Ice, but has weaknesses in Lightning, Blessing, and Curse. Eligor is noteworthy because it drops the Roland medal accessory, which gives a rather tasty +5 boost to all stats.

Endgame Dire Shadows (SPOILERS)

The Persona 5 Strikers show is over

Spoilers follow.

Abyss Prison: Mitra – This Dire Shadow is so easy to find that you don’t even need to move to a checkpoint. Just enter the jail and pass the first group of enemies, and Mitra is there. Mitra depletes Psi and Nuke, and has weaknesses for Ice, Bless, and Curse.
Tree of Knowledge: Archangel – The last Direct Shadow, Archangel, can be found next to the checkpoint just before the Path of Surrender. As befits a sword-wielding celestial spirit, Archangel is strong against Blessing and Curse, but weak against Wind, Psi, and Nuke. Expect some strong physical attacks here, among other things.

And that is. After all of these drop, you should have the Most Daring of All achievement for smashing every Dire Shadow under your boot.

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