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Do We Love Among Us For The Salt, Gameplay Or Both?



Among Us was a surprise hit this last Summer thanks to some big-time Twitch streamers playing it as well as everyone being stuck in quarantine. However, what keeps us going back to it? Is it that it has enticing gameplay, or are people really replaying just to talk crap in the meetings?

I’m leaning towards people getting salty and unleashing their childhood anger out on strangers because someone said they were acting suspiciously. I’ve been in more games than not where people don’t even play the game of Clue as they are supposed to and just start saying things to piss people off and voting randomly. Is this really what we are here for?

Do We Love Among Us For The Salt, Gameplay Or Both?

I love trash talking as much as the next guy, but it feels like Among Us has become the premier game to unleash your hate for the world on strangers as you call emergency meetings to vent your frustrations.

Can’t we just have a clean game where people actually… play? Or are we addicted to the salt that Among Us brings so much that that’s its only purpose anymore? I honestly don’t know, but nearly every server I join is full of pissed off people who’s neighbor stole their holographic Charizard in the third grade and they just remembered when someone called an emergency meeting in-game.

What do you think? What do you enjoy most about Among Us? us know in the comments below.

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