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Donatela remembers her happy childhood with Flora and the truth comes out about the villain: “my favorite”



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who sees Flora (Patricia Pillar) and Donatela (Claudia Raia) on the warpath, you can’t imagine how much the two loved each other when they were children. as is known, Pedro (Genézio de Barros) raised Donatela from a young age, since her parents had died.

They grew up and Flora, who was poor, began to envy Donatela, who was dating a rich man – in this case Marcelo. The villain then killed the son of Irene (Glória Menezes) and was imprisoned for 18 years. On the other hand, she gained freedom and thirst to destroy Donatela.

In the last chapter of the novel, after Flora is unmasked and definitively arrested, Donatela, despite having been wronged several times by her ex-friend, will remember how happy she was next to the viper. A flashback will show the two together and singing together.

“Wow, Donatela, you sing so beautifully”says little Flora. “You’re my favorite, you know that?”, she will continue, who will give her friend a hug. The scene will end with the two singing “Beijinho Doce”, a hit song by the two when they formed a singing duo in their youth.

The plot was written by João Emanuel Carneiro (same author of Avenida Brasil), starring Claudia Raia and antagonized by Patrícia Pillar in 197 chapters. The Globo production also featured Mariana Ximenes, Cauã Reymond, Murilo Benício, Carmo Dalla Vecchia, Ary Fontoura and Giulia Gam in the main cast.

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