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Don’t Expect Call Of Duty Vanguard At E3



Call of Duty Vanguard may have some rumours surrounding it might be in developmental Hell with it not likely leaving up to fans’ expectations. These rumours do come from some insiders, but at the moment, we don’t know much about the upcoming games.

However, the only thing we do know is that it’s going back to its roots in WWII. It will still release this year. Call of Duty Vanguard seems like it won’t be appearing at E3. What could be surprising to a lot of fans out there waiting for the game.

Why are they skipping?

It looks like Call of Duty Vanguard is skipping E3 to focus more on an upcoming map for Warzone. The map is seemingly going to change for the upcoming WWII theme of the upcoming game.

It hasn’t yet been confirmed if we’re going to get the map on the same day of releasing the full game. There has been mention of the map being released at a different time to the Vanguard, but it looks like currently there is nothing set in stone.

When could we see Call of Duty Vanguard?

Call of Duty is still on track, with its yearly release confirmed that it’s still coming out this year. There is currently no sign that it will be delayed as of yet. It will, however, be released at the end of the year.

Call of Duty has been announcing their game a lot later in the year. Looking like we will most likely get a September or even a November announcement for the game. There still is the Summer Game Fest it could appear on, but at the moment, it looks unlikely.

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