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“Don’t threaten me or I’ll raise the price”



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In The Carnation and the Rosethe day will come when Marcela (Drica Moraes) will show you who you really are. In the last chapters, the villain will accept to separate from Batista (Luis Melo), however, she will blackmail Catarina’s father (Adriana Esteves), who will be incredulous with the shrew.

On the occasion, Marcela will ask for a good amount of money to leave the mansion: “Either pay what I want or I make our separation public. I want to see if the people vote for a divorced candidate”, says Marcela. Batista, in turn, will be left without ground.

“Marcela, you have no heart. There’s a safe in place. Where ever it turns out, you married me out of interest, didn’t you? The best option would be to have become a widower”, Baptist will say to the woman. Joaquim’s daughter, however, will remain firm against the banker.

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“Don’t threaten me or I’ll raise the price”Marcela will speak. “Promise you will convert and pretend to be my wife still?”, he will say. “I promise, but right after the elections I will travel”she will say, taking advantage of Bianca’s father (Leandra Leal).

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Written by Walcyr Carrasco, the novel O Cravo e a Rosa is starring Eduardo Moscovis, Adriana Esteves and antagonized by Drica Moraes. Other actors such as Leandra Leal, Ana Lúcia Torres, Rodrigo Faro, Luís Melo and Ney Latorraca were part of the main cast.

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