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Dr DisRespect Has Spoken Out On Getting Fired From Twitch 



After a while of silence from Dr DisRespect, we finally have a response from him since being banned from Twitch. Even though it doesn’t really add much information to what we already know. It is good to know what his thoughts are on the subject. It should be noted that he has been involved in some controversial things in the past, so that could have come up again maybe. 


What has been said by Dr DisRespect? 


The interview was done by PC Gamer. They asked “It’s been almost three weeks since you were banned from Twitch. I imagine that it’s been very frustrating. I would love to start with just hearing what’s been happening behind the scenes with you. What’s been going on these past three weeks?” 


Dr DisRespect replied with: “Sure. I mean, well, a lot of stuff, obviously. You know, while it’s unfortunate that I’m off Twitch, we’re definitely working behind the scenes on what a Dr return might look like. In terms of the specifics around that, we’re not interested in exclusive at this point. We’re exploring our options and, honestly, just can’t wait to get back into character soon. We have a lot to do, and I’ll be wherever fans want me to be. And, you know, that’s been our approach.”


Dr DisRespect went on to say…


He went on to say that he’s still not very sure why he got let go from Twitch. As well as that he has massive ideas on the horizon. He’s looking to make a comeback in the future. With there near to no controversy around him actually being let go. It looks like he is gearing up to return in no time. Although he did mention that he is speaking to his lawyer, so it could even end up in him suing Twitch in the future. If we have anymore information on Dr DisRespect we will keep you updated and if you want to see the full interview:

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