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Dragon Age 4 And The Future Of Thedas



Dragon Age 4 is about to take Thedas fans to places they’ve never been in the video game franchise: Tevinter. While the associated novels and comics have taken us deep into the bellies of ruling mages and a society built on the backs of slaves, the games themselves have only bypassed this vast venue through characters encountered throughout the franchise. We were introduced to Fenris in Dragon Age 2, a runaway slave who teased the horrors of his face at the hands of magisters wielding blood magic. We were then captivated by Dorian Pavus in Inquisition, an Altus on the way to becoming a magister; a compassionate character determined to make his countrymen understand where they went wrong while learning key lessons about his own problematic upbringing. He was also the victim of an attempted blood ritual, by his own father however, due to Tevinter’s contempt for same-sex relationships. In the same game, we also met Cremisius “Krem” Aclassi, a transgender soldier stuck in the midst of slavery and the elite, a class abandoned by the common goodness, again hunted for being anything other than Tevinter. wants a citizen to be.

The games leading up to this point painted gruesome images of what Tevinter looks like, as well as Antiva where we waded through the gory tales of life there through the assassin Zevran. Much of this corner of Thedas is both explored and entirely ignored, a paradox made even more evident with the most recent comic book series with Blue Wraith which features a returning Fenris taking back his homeland from Tevinter by killing it. slave owners and magisters.

But more than learning about these different parts of Thedas, the real implications revealed in Inquisition regarding the origins of magic, plagues and the fall of the ancient elves have completely upended the tradition we thought we knew. The third game threw curve after curve at the Forgotten, Dread Wolf and the death of an elite society. We even learned about the creation of the Veil itself, an otherworldly location very present in the games when it comes to fade and mage territory.

What makes Dragon Age 4 so exciting is that it has the potential to solve many issues that stretch between games and their print companions, paving the way for a mind-boggling conclusion to a build-up that started with the humble beginnings of Dragon Age Origins.

BioWare also previously revealed concept art that hinted a lot at the possibility of having a Mortalitasi companion, or at the very least a key Mortalitasi character, bringing the magic of Nevarran’s death to the fore. It would be an opportunity beyond the anime-style film that carried Cassandra Penteghast’s debut before meeting her in Dragon Age II, and later as a companion in Dragon Age Inquisition.

All fan theories, unanswered questions, and completely new areas of exploration have a chance to shine with Dragon Age 4, especially given the trailer shown at the Game Awards 2020 where we saw Tevinter’s innards with it. celestial crested buildings teeming with magic. If done right, this could be the game meant to be a love letter to fans who have passed through Thedas over the years, as well as incredible motivation for those who wish to explore the other mediums celebrating the iconic franchise. BioWare.

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