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Dragon Age 4 Reportedly Being Reworked Into A More Single-Player Focused Experience



Bioware recently canceled its scheduled Anthem reboot, stating that no further updates were coming for the struggling multiplayer title. While this is not surprising for this game, the news had a ripple effect in making Dragon Age fans fear that the upcoming fourth game in this series could follow fate, as it would have adopted a service model. similar live. According to a new report from BloombergHowever, the development of Dragon Age 4 has seen a major pivot, ditching its multiplayer-centric designs for a more single-player-centric experience.

Bloomberg reports that he spoke to several Bioware employees, who spoke on condition of anonymity, who say the change in leadership has occurred in recent months. This doesn’t go into specifics, but apparently EA has made a call to allow Bioware to remove all planned multiplayer features from Dragon Age 4. There are likely a number of factors behind the decision, but the article says the success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which apparently exceeded EA’s sales expectations, helped prove that solo experiences can still make a ton of money.

EA has championed the live-service model as a preferred way to continuously generate revenue for games long after release, so if this news is true, it looks like Anthem’s failure has rocked the publisher more than some might not. While Dragon Age fans undoubtedly breathe a sigh of relief, keep in mind that that doesn’t mean the game won’t be monetized in some way. Many single player titles still sell in-game items for real money, and I highly doubt that EA has any intention of not letting Dragon Age 4 generate additional revenue beyond the entry price of $ 70. $. That said, I much prefer a good single-player RPG with optional purchases than a lackluster live-service game that constantly attacks me with microtransactions.

Dragon Age 4 has already gone through its fair share of developmental upheavals. Over the years the game has lost its main producer, as well as executive producer Mike Darrah and Bioware Managing Director Casey Hudson, who left the studio Last year. It’s hard to know what’s going on with the game, but it’s at least one big change that could seemingly improve.


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