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DrDisrespect Confirms He Still Doesn’t Know Reason For Ban



In the second time since his ban on Twitch, DrDisrespect has spoken out about the situation. Guy Beahm, the Doc’s real name, was banned from the platform on June 26th. According to the Doc, in an interview with The Washington Post, he has still hasn’t learned the cause of his ban.

DrDisrespect, after signing a two year exclusive streaming deal with Twitch, was banned from the platform for reasons unknown. On the same day of the ban, the leader of the Champion’s Club also lost his Discord Partnership. According to the Doc and his legal team, they were unaware they even had one.

DrDisrespect still claims he has no idea why he has been banned. According to the interview, he discovered he didn’t have creator features while watching another streamer on Twitch. After he emailed Twitch support, they had informed him he was banned without providing reasoning.


DrDisrespect in his promotional video for the exclusive streaming deal.

“Honestly, we just don’t know […] It was a total shock. Imagine showing up to work and the doors are closed and you can’t get inside. You’re going, ‘What’s going on?’ And you’ve been told you’ve been fired. But you haven’t been told the reason why. We just weren’t given an answer. … It was the worst feeling.”

Twitch continues to withhold information on the matter. This has left many viewers, streamers and conspiracy theorists to come up with their own ideas of what happened. While many claim the mood the Doc was in during his final stream is related, he says it was completely unrelated. That moment was, according to DrDisrespect, related to the coronavirus pandemic and not in anyway a response to his ban.

What Is Next For The Doc?

Aside from streaming, the Doc is still working toward his TV venture. He said the ban on Twitch hasn’t affected this project and he is ready to move forward. He has plans of creating a character that goes beyond just the streaming world. Of course while the ban on Twitch has hurt him, it will not stop him from working.

“We worked really hard to get to this point, and all of a sudden it’s just like everything’s kind of halted, […] But, you know, I’m surrounded by a good team. And we’re putting together a nice little game plan. I’m really excited to take things to the next level” said Beahm.

Fans still have no idea what the situation that led to his ban is. When more information comes out you can be sure to see it reported right here at Gamezo.

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