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Drive, Shoot & Drift In The Ultimate VR-Exclusive Kart Racer ‘Dash Dash World’ Available Today



Dash Dash World is a brand new cross-platform karting and racing game offering superior driving and weapon controls in over 100 hours of gameplay on mind-blowing tracks full of unexpected surprises! Available for download today in Early Access via the STEAM ™ and Oculus ™ digital stores, Dash Dash World is slated for an official release in the first quarter of 2021 and is being praised for its exciting features and customizable options.

Dash Dash World is a fast-paced VR racer suitable for players of all ages and experience levels. Accelerate on difficult tracks and take out the competition using an arsenal of awesome and visually stunning weapons! Avoid obstacles and discover shortcuts on your way to glory. Winning a race requires awesome skills and the game offers a fun and powerful collection of gadgets, such as machine guns and even frying pans to help you succeed. Use two-handed melee weapons to hit other karts or blind your opponents with the Face Blaster! With its super smooth intuitive controls, you can grab the steering wheel with one hand, while wielding a weapon in the other – or opt for two weapons simultaneously! Steering wheel and force feedback support add to realistic gameplay and nothing is more fun than feeling every bump, turn and obstacle as you play. Polished controls let you drift through tight corners, and you can charge your nitro and boost for maximum performance on tight sprints.

Dash Dash World includes a plethora of fun game modes for all audiences. There is a casual mode, a pro challenge, boss fights (!) And online tournaments. Over 5,000 players have helped test the game during development in over 10,000 game sessions, and the result is an impressive variety of options. You can take on over 100 challenges from a wide selection of cool characters, learning about each character as you progress. The single player open story mode is a great way to master the game and turn you into a pro in no time! The online option has over 200 success quests to conquer – in addition to friendly and competitive tournaments. You can send personalized emoticons and stun your friends by honking at the perfect moment.

Dash Dash World is more than an evolutionary VR-racer! With over 1 trillion available customization options, the game lets you customize just about anything and everything, from rim, dash and interior details to boost effects. Avatars can be customized from top to bottom using a diverse selection of unique features. Tight turns and intense tracks can be too intense for new VR players. To help inexperienced gamers, game accessibility options help prevent motion sickness; There are 6 comfort modes to try out, as well as a special orientation class that is extensively pre-tested before the ride.

Join the race today and prove to the world that you are the ultimate VR-Kart champion!


  • Multiplayer support – 8 players
  • Single-player story mode
  • Career mode with 200 missions
  • Over 100 hours of exciting gameplay
  • Cross-platform games
  • Online tournaments
  • Memes, stickers, voice chat, and dance moves
  • Unlimited customization
  • Cloud Save
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