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Dying Light is Going To Have Even More Support In The Future Before The Release Of Dying Light 2



Still being rumoured to release this year, Dying Light 2 looks like a great sequel to the first Dying Light. Although it looks very likely we will get an early 2021 release. The first one, although it’s nowhere near done with the support after being released way back in 2015 and still getting future support is fantastic for fans. The latest DLC coming, dubbed Hellraid, some may find the name familiar. Originally meant to be a full game on its own, is now a DLC for Dying Light. We aren’t actually sure if we will get a full game in the future. Although the DLC is coming to us pretty soon, this month on 23 July. There’s no doubt that there are going to be a lot of people jumping back into this game, including myself. 

We have already had some amazing DLC! 

The biggest DLC to come to Dying Light would mostly be The Following which added a lot of extra story to the game as well as new weapons and some vehicles to the game. There was also a battle royale mode added to Dying Light. When that happened, that was a massive surprise. It also had many other small updates to improve the experience. It has now been supported for 5 years and is looking to add 1 more to that.  

What could the future for Dying Light be?

It would make a lot of sense in the future that they’ll end with some DLC. That would connect to Dying Light 2. In recent memory, Borderlands 2 did release some DLC connecting to the next game. It wouldn’t be a massive surprise if they did this as well. Also the developers Techland. have mentioned that after Hellraid. They aren’t completely done with the first game. This does make us speculate what else could really be added. Making it likely that the next added content will be a connection.

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