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EA Forms Full Circle to Develop Skate 4



Skating 4

Rollerblading is the childhood spiritual successor of many players, EA forms Full Circle to address the development of the next entry, Skating 4. Full Circle includes staff members from the above Rollerblading titles This is all we know …

EA forms a full circle to develop Skate 4
Credit: EA

In June 2020, EA announced that they were working on Skating 4. WOW! Rollerblading is incredible. Today, they announced that they formed Full Circle to develop Skate 4. Full Circle will include developers from previous Skate titles, so hopefully it will be of the same quality as before.

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Skating 4 It’s still very early in development, and we don’t know anything about the release date or the platforms it will launch on.

We are working on the next evolution of Skate and we are ready to offer an experience that will encompass and develop everything that our community found special about the previous game.

Full circle

For my part, I am very excited to see a new Skate game in development. I grew up playing Tony Hawk’s professional skater and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. Nothing really scratched that itch until the Skate franchise came up.

The fact that EA forms Full Circle specifically to develop a single game, with former staff members, only gives me more reason to be excited. Are you excited to play a new Rollerblading game? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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