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Ecoa wins award with report on lion on the loose in Hollywood



echo, UOL’s propositional journalism platform, won an award at the 64th edition of the Southern California Journalism Awards, organized by the Los Angeles Press Club. The special report “Leão na Vizinhança”, produced by reporter Fernanda Ezabella, won in the “Foreign Correspondents” category.

Narrating the lives of residents of Hollywood Hills, in the United States, who came to live with a mountain lion (as the pumas are known there) on the loose in the neighborhood, the story records the relationship between animals that lose their natural habitats. and end up wandering around the city, where, in many cases, they end up being killed by collision when trying to cross through traffic.

To avoid more feline deaths, the report says, the expectation is that a footbridge, called Liberty Canyon, will be built to serve as a bridge so that the animals can make the crossing without taking any risks.

lion - Playback/BBC - Playback/BBC

Dec 4, 2013 – Security cameras captured the image of a mountain lion – also known as a cougar – on the outskirts of the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles

Image: Playback/BBC

The $85 million project, under study for 20 years, will be the world’s largest urban wilderness corridor in Agoura Hills, northwest of Los Angeles. It will cross the 101, through which 400,000 vehicles pass per day.

For the award’s jury, the report “shows how wild creatures struggle to survive human encroachment on these spaces, and how people are striving to creatively cohabit with wildlife.”

Check out Uol’s special report on the mountain lions in Hollywood here!

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