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Emergency Assistance for Mineiro starts to be paid on this Thursday (14/10); see



Benefit to be paid in a single payment of R $ 600 (photo: Reproduction / Pixabay)

The payment of the Emergency Aid of Minas Gerais begins this Thursday (14/10) for the families in situation of extreme poverty of the State. It will amount to R $ 600 in a single installment for citizens of Minas Gerais whose per capita income can reach R $ 89, according to the database of the Single Register of Social Programs (Cadnico).

About 1 million families will receive the payment, which was announced by Governor Romeu Zema in early October. In total, 650 million reais will be invested in financing the aid measure.

The resource is granted in the context of the economic and social crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. No registration is required, as the benefit will be granted to those already registered at Cadnico.

The aid is disbursed after the law was promulgated by Zema, after the approval of a bill by the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais (ALMG).

Who is entitled?

1.079 million families in Minas Gerais who were registered with Cadnico on May 22, 2021 will be entitled to assistance. Therefore, it will not be necessary to pre-register or fill out any document to receive the money.

To find out if they are entitled to the allowance, those concerned must go to the help site (click HERE) and enter the number of the CPF or the NIS (Social Registration Number), which can be viewed on the Citizen Card. , on the Bolsa Famlia Carte program or on the Cadnico website (click HERE).

Form of payment

The deposit will be made exclusively to the digital savings accounts of Caixa Ecomica Federal, the “Caixa Tem” account. For those who have already opened the account, the benefit will be automatically deposited.

Those who do not have this account in the institution will automatically open an account, according to the government of Minas Gerais, which “can be operated using the“ Caixa Tem ”smartphone application. Current or conventional savings accounts that beneficiaries may have at La Caixa will not be used for the credit of benefits ”.

If the beneficiary does not have a mobile phone, he can go to a Caixa or Casa Lotrica branch, in order to collect the Emergency Aid for Mineiro. I need to bring photo ID.

payment schedule

According to the government of Minas Gerais, families who do not benefit from the Bolsa Famlia program and families consisting of single mothers and their children will be given priority to receive. In this case, the money will be deposited in the period from October 14 to 21, 2021.

For other families, the resource will be deposited from the 22nd to the 29th of this month as well.

The resource will be for the family manager (RF), who is the person who responded to the Cadnico interview.

wage scale
Priority payment schedule (photo: Reproduction / Government of Minas)
salary scale two
Non-priority payment schedule (photo: Reproduction / Government of Minas)

* Internship under the supervision of sub-editor Ellen Cristie.

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