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endings of famous keep boiling in 2021



If 2020 was a difficult year for couples — who had to deal with the intense coexistence during the quarantine period — and caused many breakups, anonymous and famous, 2021 is not lagging behind.

In those eight months, many celebrities decided to end their iconic relationships. Nobody expected that Whindersson Nunes and Maria Lina would end their engagement, that Marina Ruy Barbosa and Xande Negrão would end their marriage or even that Kim Kardashian would ask for a divorce from Kanye West.

Remind the celebrities who ended the relationship in 2021:

Whindersson Nunes and Maria Lina

In early August, comedian Whindersson Nunes and engineering student Maria Lina Deggan announced the end of their engagement in publications on social networks.

The two took up the relationship in November of last year. In January, the couple announced that they were expecting a child, João Miguel. In May, however, the baby was born prematurely and did not survive.

Marina Ruy Barbosa and Xande Negrão

Marina Ruy Barbosa and pilot Xande Negrão separated in January, after just over three years of marriage.

At the time, the actress’s press office said that “work and physical distance were decisive factors in reaching this situation.”

Remember the marriage of Marina Ruy Barbosa and Xande Negrão

Luísa Sonza and Vitão

After almost a year of relationship, Luísa Sonza and Vitão also put an end to the relationship. Last week, the singer’s press office confirmed the information to the UOL after the emergence of termination rumors.

After the announcement, she pleaded with her ex-boyfriend in an Instagram comment:

I love him so much. No matter what, Victor has become part of my family and I will always love and protect him. Let everyone know that love continues and that no one will ever take away or shake.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Married since 2014 and parents of four children, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West split this year.

Rumors of the separation began last year, but Kim Kardashian did not start divorce proceedings until February. The two already had a prenuptial agreement and do not intend to challenge it.

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas

After almost a year of relationship, Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas are no longer a couple and sources close to the two gave details about the amicable breakup.

The former couple, who shared a R$112 million (US$20 million) mansion, took over the relationship in early March 2020, during a trip to Cuba.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodrigues

In April of this year, Jennifer Lopez and former baseball player Alex Rodriguez announced the end of their engagement. They had been together since 2017. Two years later, they announced their engagement for a wedding that was supposed to take place in 2020, but which was postponed by the new coronavirus pandemic.

J-Lo has even engaged in a romance with Ben Affleck. They dated between 2002 and 2004 and reportedly spoke again amid the crisis in her relationship with Alex, while she was making professional commitments in the Dominican Republic.

2 - Play / Instagram - Play / Instagram

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Image: Playback / Instagram

Raissa Barbosa and Lucas Selfie

Raissa Barbosa and Lucas Selfie became one of the most important couples in the 12th edition of “The Farm”, earning the nickname “Selfissa” by fans. In January, however, the model used social media to announce the end of the relationship.

Diogo Nogueira and Jessica Viana

Diogo Nogueira ended his two-and-a-half-year relationship with Jessica Viana. This had been the singer’s first relationship after the separation from personal trainer Milena Nogueira, with whom he was married for 12 years.

The line for the samba dancer, however, has already moved and he is now part of one of the most talked about couples of the moment. He and actress Paolla Oliveira took over the romance last month.

Luciana Gimenez and Eduardo Buffara

Luciana Gimenez is no longer dating businessman Eduardo Buffara. The presenter’s team reported that the breakup happened in mid-April and was caused by “schedule issues”, since the two were staying in different cities. The presenter lives in São Paulo and the businessman was still in Rio de Janeiro.

1 - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Luciana Gimenez and her ex-boyfriend, businessman Eduardo Buffara

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

Renata Dávila and Daniel Cotrim

Former BBC Renata Dávila and businessman Daniel Cotrim also ended their relationship. The couple had been clicked together in March of this year, in Rio de Janeiro.

Gabriela Pugliesi and Erasmo Viana

The marriage of Erasmo Viana and Gabriela Pugliesi came to an end in February. After speculation on social media, the model used his Instagram to confirm that the two are no longer together.

They got married in 2017, in a ceremony held in Trancoso, Bahia. The two started a relationship in 2015.

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