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Endless Encounters: Dungeons RPG Supplement Up On Kickstarter



April 20, 2021 by Polar_Bear

Without encounters, the dungeons are just winding passages with sometimes a little loot. It’s the monsters that make the whole business interesting. And if you’re struggling to find new ones for your party, let me introduce you Endless Encounters: Dungeons, a new RPG add-on on Kickstarter.

In the countryside:

The old school is back! Back to the good old days of monster hotels and dungeon exploration, let’s go! With this 200+ page supplement for 5th and B / X, you’ll be able to randomly create a dungeon to play in minutes! Are you late for match day? Endless Encounters: Dungeons is here for you. Running out of inspiration while trapped in quarantine? Endless Encounters: Dungeons will light the way. Are you just feeling a little adventurous with your game design? Endless Encounters: Dungeons – yes, you have it.

Endless Encounters: Dungeons is an adventure generator for level 1-8 characters for 5th edition and B / X game systems!

The campaign is funded more than 2x with 29 days left.


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