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ends for the 10th time the relationship between Maiara and Fernando



Maiara and Fernando Zor’s relationship ended for the 10th time. The information was confirmed in the early hours of Friday (7/1) with people close to the couple. It’s been about three months since the last reconciliation until here, and when everything seemed to be in one of the best moments among so many comings and goings, behold, the surprise came in the early hours of Wednesday to Thursday.

The LeoDias column sought out both Maiara and Fernando via WhatsApp, but both did not respond to our messages. However, close friends to Maiara say that she is doing very well, reacted calmly to the end and is completely focused on the resounding success of the duo.

“She doesn’t even have time to suffer”, a friend told us, laughing. Fernando and Maiara started dating 3 years ago. The exact number of separations is imprecise, but fans estimate that until the last reconciliation, which as mentioned above was in April of this year, the sum is nine separations.

In one of the last interviews with this columnist, Maiara even commented that she and Fernando planned to get married right after the next Carnival. The column wishes a lot of happiness in this new journey of Fernando and Maiara.

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