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Epic Games announce changes for FNCS Chapter 2 Season 6



Epic Games has released the details for Chapter 2 Season 6 of the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS). This version comes with changes to the formats and scoring systems. FNCS Chapter 2 Season 6 features a $ 3 million prize pool and begins with the top seed on April 22-24.

Changes made to the FNCS format

Teams that came from first to third place in FNCS Chapter 2 Season 5 in their respective regions automatically qualify for the Season 6 finals. This means that these teams cannot participate in the playoffs or semi-finals. However, players can choose to leave these teams if they wish. All three players must complete the official dissolution form before the end of April 19.

Apart from these teams, the first three of each classified advance directly to the final. All other teams in each region must earn series points to advance to the semi-finals. So a team that doesn’t make the top three here will earn series points based on their final placement in that qualifier. Upon completion of all qualifiers, each team’s series points will be calculated. Only the top 99 Trios on the series points leaderboard will advance to the semi-finals.

Additionally, all regions will now have just three playoffs in the semi-finals instead of the usual four seen last season. All qualifiers will be played on the same day. A team’s seeding depends on its total series points. 6 matches will be played in each tie for each region and the first 6 trios will advance to the final.

Restart round

FNCS reset round

Image via Epic Games

Epic is expanding the Reset Round to have at least three matches. The Restart Round will feature teams that placed from seventh to seventeenth place in each heat round. Once a team wins any of the three matches, it also advances to the FNCS final. Additionally, regions can play three more games if a team with guaranteed final invites disbands.

Although Epic made changes in almost every round, the FNCS finals format is still intact. Therefore, the teams will continue to have their 12 normal matches in two days to score points in the different regions.

New scoring system

Epic has also made an adjustment to the scoring system, but only for individual lobby rounds. With this change, more points will go to the top and in the crucial periods of a match. Therefore, more points will be awarded to teams that exceed the Storm Surge thresholds. Teams from 16th to 1st place will receive incremental points. The team with Victory Royale earns 30 points and each elimination gives two points.

Season 6 of FNCS Chapter 2 begins on April 22 and will end on May 30. After this tournament is over, the FNCS All-Star Showdown will take place June 23-26.

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