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EPOS launches H3 gaming headset with high-end audio at affordable price



EPOS today announced the H3, its latest addition to gaming headsets. You can find it for sale now on the company’s website at the price of $ 119 USD. The H3 has some similarities to previous products, but it features a revised sleek design and a few other improvements. Those who value a high-quality, comfortable audio experience during extended wear sessions should be particularly interested, as this model appears to have premium ergonomic pad material and a lightweight design similar to the GSP 302.

The wired headset features a closed-cup around-the-ear design, plus an impressive spec and feature sheet. Starting with impedance, it is specified at just 20 ohms. That means it won’t require an expensive sound card to get the best performance (unlike the original Game One / Zero), and it should work with any decent motherboard. EPOS also promises a deep base, with a frequency range of 10-30,000Hz. On top of that, it features binaural surround sound for those who need to hear footsteps in games like Call of Duty: War Zone. The bi-directional microphone also comes with built-in noise suppression. And when you die in a gunfight with someone clearly worse than you, simply slide the boomstick mic upright to automatically mute it.

There are a few more cool things to note about EPOS products that really send home the feeling of quality. Build quality is generally excellent, as I have observed with the predecessor Sennheiser Game Zero product family. Things like braided cables, built-in physical volume knobs, and replaceable ear pads and patch cords provide that premium experience. The H3 gaming headset also comes with two 3.5mm analog cables. That, of course, means there is no Bluetooth connectivity, but you can use the H3 on any console gaming rig besides your PC.

Sennheiser Epos H3 Wired Gaming Headset

Get it in white with black accents or all killed.

Look good and feel comfortable

As someone familiar with the Game Zero 2017 family of products, I am particularly interested in testing the frequency range. I can sing praises about the high end, but I always found the bass a bit lacking for my preference. Seeing how EPOS claims the H3 gaming headsets feature rich bass, I’ll be eager to see if it lives up to that claim. It also appears that the H3 is not as portable as the Game Zero, which folds up perfectly. However, if you’re looking for a more affordable headphone, the H3 looks solid.

Epos H3 2 Gaming Headset

The H3 also has a suede-like pad material that looks much more comfortable than the synthetic leather material in other EPOS products. It may not be the best for a sweaty gaming session, but if you can stay cool, it should. All in all, the H3 looks like a premium wired gaming headset without the high costs of other models from previous years.

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