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Eslô causes controversy after criticism of Vyni



Former BBB Slovenia caused controversy after saying that he no longer has contact with vyni, your friend from the time of confinement. In an interview with Gabi Prado’s podcast, the model explained that her brother is no longer the same person, but tried to avoid criticizing him directly.

“I think that inside I met a Vyni and here, because he is in another phase of his life, he is another person. And that’s good! People change, that’s cool and admirable. But I can’t define it because I’m not close to him, so I can’t talk. I can talk about the Vyni I met there, who is an extraordinary person. I don’t have contact with him,” he said.

In her stories, Vyni countered the ex-friend’s speech and the accusations of social networks that she has become an arrogant person. “Someone always comes along who says you’re finding yourself when your life gets better, that success has gone to your head. The more you get your little things, the more people say that. It’s wrong. I’m still the same person you knew, but now I’m smarter, selective and loving me more,” he said.

On the social networks, Naiara Azevedo defended his friend, saying that Vyni remains the same fun and sweet person he met in confinement. “Vyni is an incredible person!!! I love it! And I talk to him every week. For me, he’s still the same person, the same essence, only now with many opportunities to take advantage of and a schedule full of commitments to be fulfilled ! Thank God! Fly boy Vyni”.

lost paper

vyni lost his first opportunity to start an acting career after asking for an absurd amount to act in an independent feature starring Zezé Motta. According to columnist Gabriel Perline, from IGthe amount requested by the ex-“Big Brother Brasil 22” was three times greater than that of the veteran.

With no experience in acting, Vyni declared that she would only accept to make her debut if she received R$ 80,000 for her participation. According to the journalist, this would be the amount referring to the payment to three actors of “Janelas…”, a film by the playwright and filmmaker Luciano Santiagowhich already has Georgina Castro (“A Place in the Sun”), Luiz Carlos Vasconcellos (“Mother’s Love”) and Sérgio Menezes (“The More Life, the Better!”).

The offer made to Vyni was R$ 30,000, with transportation, lodging and meals paid for by the production. He would still be under the care of the director, who has more than two decades of experience treating actors, to prepare for the role. Deto, a role designed for the ex-brother. Although he has already confessed that he had the desire to act, the value far above average ended up making it impossible to hire the ex-brother.

The feature, which is based on the book of the same name by Santiago, tells the story of Laura, a woman with memory lapses, who doesn’t know if she is a doctor or a dancer. In order not to forget her own identity, her friends, Glória, Simone and Deto, help Laura to revisit her trajectory.

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