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Estel will be playable in Streets of Rage 4



Ever since developer Dotemu teased DLC for Streets of Rage 4 last year, fans wondered what could be included. Will it be a new character? More game modes? Additional weapons? Or more music? The answer to those questions is “yes”. Following its leak late last month, Dotemu confirmed that the next DLC for Streets of Rage 4 it’s Mr. X Nightmare, and he brings it all. The DLC will contain a total of three new characters, plus music, a survival game mode, and that’s just to get started. Oh, and about the first confirmed character. Yes, the DLC finally turns badass cop Estel Aguirre into a playable character in Streets of Rage 4.

Estel was possibly the most obvious choice as a new playable character. He appeared a couple of times during the game to try and stop your vigilante nonsense. Estel clearly had a fully developed move set, as well as her own character-specific special attack. However, by watching the gameplay trailer for the DLC, he learned a few new tricks. One of his combos ends with a grenade hitting the ground to knock down surrounding enemies. She also has a stun grenade and a brutal knife attack.

Choose your character

The other two characters have yet to be revealed, but Dotemu says they are teased in the trailer. So who are they? Near the end of the trailer, you can see the silhouette of two characters besides Estel. One clearly resembles Max who, like Estel, is a boss-style character in Streets of Rage 4 with your own movements. Max was featured as a playable character in Streets of Rage 2, so it will be good to have him back in the team. I’m not sure about the third character, but whoever it is has messy hair. At first, he had high hopes that Shiva would return to the fray. However, if I examine it more closely, I think it may be someone else entirely. It may be a character we’ve never seen before.

The new characters are exciting, but Streets of Rage 4 – Mr. X Nightmare will bring even more to the fight. The DLC includes a survival mode, in which you can customize a character with your own chosen moves and fighting style. More information on the mode will come later. The DLC will also bring new music from composer Tee Lopes, known for his work on games like Sonic mania and League of Legends. There will also be new weapons (like a swordfish) and more moves.

Streets Of Rage 4 Mr X Nightmare Dlc Free Estel Arena

Finally, Dotemu announced a free update coming to the base game. For those looking for a real challenge, Streets of Rage 4 will soon include a New Mania + difficulty, offering a training system and color palette swaps for characters. The free update will be released alongside the DLC.

Streets of Rage 4 – Mr. X Nightmare has no price or release date yet, but I’m definitely on the lookout.

Streets Of Rage 4 Mr. X Nightmare Dlc New Characters

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