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Everything Announced For Game Pass In April.



It’s another month and we have a lot of great games coming to the Game Pass in April. We now have a couple of new announcements coming to the Game Pass. 

Grand Theft Auto V – April 8

Firstly, we have a returning game. GTA 5 is a very well known name that we don’t really have to explain. If you haven’t played this for a while or sold your copy like me. The story is now a very underrated game due to Online getting massively supported by Rockstar over the years.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War – April 8

If you’re a Sniper Elite gamer, this game is basically the same with a lot and I mean a lot of zombies. It’s a great game and really shows how good a zombie mode can be.  

Disneyland Adventures – April 8

This is a kind of weird one to be coming to Game Pass as it was made for the kinect that most people don’t have. It’s basically a simulation of what it would be like exploring Disneyland. 

Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure – April 8

This one feels pretty similar to Disneyland Adventure but it seems to have more variations of different locations to explore. It includes a lot of different Pixar films like the Incredibles and Cars.  

NHL 21 – April 12

Then we have another EA sports game coming to the Game Pass. This being NHL 21, the most popular hockey game. If you have missed the latest NHL, now is the time to give this one a chance as it’s part of the subscription. 

Rain on Your Parade – April 15

The game has been appearing a lot and seems like it was leading up to something big. It turned out this was the fact that it was coming to Game Pass on day one of release on Xbox. Rain on Your Parade is a very out of the box game. Where you play as a cartoon-like cloud and you mess up things for other people. It seems to be a very fun game to play. 

Pathway – April 15

Pathway is a turn-based strategy game where you explore ruins of temples and deserts. It was set in 1936 and looks to be heavily inspired by Indiana Jones. The game is very interesting and surprising that it has flown under the radar. We have seen both Uncharted and Tomb Raider but this turn-based style does really feel fresh for this style of game.

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