Everything you need to know about COD Mobile Season 9

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Popular Call of Duty: Mobile The title is scheduled to release its new season 9 in the next week. While the season was originally going to be released on August 8, the developers decided to delay the release. According to the developers, it takes more time to implement everything they want to add Mobile COD.

While we don’t know everything that is planned for the season, we do know a few pieces of content thanks to some suggestions and reveals from the developers. Here you will find everything you need to know about Season 9 and its release date.

COD Mobile Season 9 Release Date

At the time of writing, an official date for season 9 has not been revealed. However, the Mobile COD The Reddit account indicated that the arrival of the season will arrive within the next week. They just want to make sure everything is accurate and that the update doesn’t fail.

COd Mobile Season 9 release date

With this extension, if you are a little behind on your Season 8 Battle Pass, now is the perfect time to advance a few additional levels. We should see a confirmation of the release of Season 9 a few days before, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone.

The content that comes with the update

So far, we have three solid pieces of information that we know will come with Season 9. The first of which is the Gunsmith; the next addition we learned about was the Shipment 1944 map will arrive with season 9. If you played Call of Duty: World War II, then you will know exactly what this map is. If you didn’t, get ready for non-stop action and a barrage of grenades.

The latest information we have was just revealed today. the Mobile COD Twitter account announced that a new 10v10 mode is coming to the game. Essentially Ground War from older titles, this mode simply has eight more players on any map.

Once the release date for Season 9 is locked, more content must be revealed. Until then, keep up with daily esports for everyone Call of Duty News.

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