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EVOS Legends Player Considers Retirement After Winning MPL ID Season 7



Following their recent victory in the MPL ID Season 7, some of the professional EVOS Legends players are considering retiring. One of the mainstays of the squad, Ihsan “Luminaire” Besarik, recently said that he is considering giving up his career as a professional player and may not participate in the next MSC 2021. Luminaire has just returned to the game. professional after his long break. after their victory in season 4 of MPL ID. Following the MVPs’ statement, two members of EVOS Legends, REKT and Zeys gave hints about their retirement through their social media handles.

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EVOS Legends player considering retirement after winning MPL ID Season 7

After a fist-clenching moment in the MPL ID Season 7 Grand Finale, EVOS Legends established themselves as this season’s champion after defeating Bigetron Alpha in a BO7 game, coming off 4-2.

EVOS Legends player considering retirement after winning MPL ID Season 7EVOS Legends at a post-match press conference.

During a post-game conference, shortly after their victory in the MPL ID Season 7, team MVP Luminaire said he was considering retiring from professional play.

“I’m going to have to think about it,” Luminaire said of his intention to retire as a professional esports player.

This is not the first time that he has alluded to retirement. After his long hiatus, Luminaire hints that he will only be there until the end of the MPL ID Season 7 playoffs. The pro gamer says he wants to focus on becoming a streamer or content creator on YouTube.

“Put simply, my years as a professional player will end when we reach the playoffs. Whether or not we win the title, I’m retiring, ”Luminaire said on one of his streams on Nimo TV.

Following Luminaire’s announcement, two other professional EVOS Legends players have also hinted at their retirement. REKT and Zeys have posted hints on their nickname on social media that it could be their last race.

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Luminaire, REKT and Zeys have yet to announce their final decision to continue or retire as a professional player. It’s still unclear if we’ll see them in the next MSC 2021.

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