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Exclusive: Globo wants to keep Marcos Mion on Saturdays in 2022



Globo wants Marcos Mion to stay on Saturdays from 2022
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Globo wants Marcos Mion to stay on Saturdays from 2022

During a meeting held last Monday (18) between the leaders of TV Globo, Marcos Mion is the name that is in the crosshairs to definitely occupy the Saturday afternoon programming from 2022. TV Globo had officially informed that the Caldeirão with Mion would be, at first, until December 23. However, the success the presenter had with the audience was instrumental in Globo’s decision-making.

A latest audience survey conducted by TV Globo estimated that Marcos Mion had 99% public acceptance to stay on Saturday’s schedule. The presenter’s engagement on social media was also a determining factor in Globo’s summit preference. Additionally, the presenter has proven his sales potential to advertisers, who also took part in the survey. The brands are confident with the ads left in Caldeirão.

A survey commissioned by Globo estimated that Mion had 99% public acceptance on Saturdays, as well as the impact on social media. Advertisers have sold well and are extremely happy and confident in Mion.

According to a plan that was discussed by the broadcaster, Mion would continue with the current staff until December. Executives asked the network’s creative department to think about a holiday season for Caldeirão and then present it to the board. The holiday season would air until the end of Carnival, when a new season of the program would begin.

Also according to what was discussed at this last meeting, the new season of Caldeirão after the Carnival should bring new personnel. The intention of TV Globo is to make the program more and more dynamic, and for this reason the frame variation would be a key point. Every three months, for example, the presenter would bring in new frames so that his schedule didn’t get tired.

The creative department of TV Globo has already started and is mobilizing to present a project to the presenter next year. Within this perimeter of new frames, a search for frames in formats existing in other countries – which can be purchased – also had the green light.

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