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EXCLUSIVE: MC VK Defense Talks About MC Kevin’s Death: ‘Truth Came Out’



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This Monday (23), journalist Erlan Bastos interviewed Sean Kompier Abib, MC VK’s lawyer, on his YouTube channel with exclusivity. The chat on IN OFF showed the version of funkeiro paulista through his defense and brought revelations about the backstage of the case that is involving the world of internet and television.

“In crimes of this nature, we can never be afraid of the truth, especially when the truth is on our side. Vitor [MC VK] was very massacred during all this time. He was told that he was a great criminal, author of the fact and perhaps the main protagonist of the death of his best friend”, fired Sean Kompier, attorney for MC VK.

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During the interview with Erlan Bastos, Kompier, who makes the defense of MC VK, quoted the witness who claimed to have seen how it all happened: “And the truth came out. When everything was underway, this surprised witness came. Nobody knows where he came from and he said he had seen everything, he could say everything, everything was resolved and that Vitor, in fact, would have even benefited from his friend’s death [MC Kevin]”.

“This caused us a deep indignation because we already knew the truth. From the beginning, it was a tragic accident, it was an event that shouldn’t have happened but it did and we have to work with what exists. We then went to Rio de Janeiro and asked that this witness be heard, we asked that this witness be found and that this witness reveal everything that corroborate, whatever confirmed”.

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“Here I call the audience’s attention as follows, in cases of this nature, the word of whoever was at the time is worth a lot. Because there wasn’t a camera inside the room, there wasn’t anyone filming outside the room. So when this witness came, everyone said: ‘Look, there’s proof that Vitor is in fact this monster!”.

About the death of funk player MC Kevin, the alleged false witness and the attacks that MC VK continues to suffer fired: “I usually say that the truth has a magical effect, it reveals things. The truth has proven once again that Vitor is being victim of a massacre, victim of an approach that people want to turn death into a scoop, to gain likes and followers, to expand his name at any price”.

MC Kevin, best friend of MC VK, passed away at age 23. In May, the artist fell from the balcony of a luxury hotel, located in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. The funkeiro fell from the 5th floor and the cause of death was head trauma and hemorrhage. The singer left his only 6-year-old daughter and ex-partner Deolane Bezerra.

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