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Facebook speeds up gaming applications because of Corona Pandemic



Facebook speeds up gaming applications because of Corona Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic forced people to stay at home. The need for online games is getting higher and Facebook doesn’t want to miss the train.

Facebook launches Facebook Gaming to take advantage of the niche market for video game streaming. His rivals are the two players who were there namely Amazon and Microsoft. Australia reported on Monday, streaming video games is increasingly popular. Watching people play games is just as exciting, especially when everyone stays at home due to the Coronavirus.

An example of a success story is the Mixer platform made by Microsoft that already has a celebrity gamer named Ninja who plays Fortnite. Ninja was originally popular on Amazon’s Twitch.

Google also now has gaming content and live streaming games on Youtube. Therefore Facebook does not want to be left behind. Facebook Gaming is claimed to have attracted 700 million visitors.

Facebook Gaming application appears more relaxed and claimed to be easier to start streaming than Twitch. Facebook Gaming’s launch was June 2020, but it was brought forward because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

This application was previously tested for 1.5 years in Southeast Asia and Latin America and is now available globally for Android users. Applications for iOS are waiting for the green light from Apple.

Facebook Gaming lets you play, or watch people play. Facebook wants to build a community of gamers so that there are many groups where people interact online.

COVID-19 does make the streaming market more popular because almost everyone works from home, learn from home, or indeed stay at home to avoid illness.

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