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The popular manga and anime series, Fairy tale, has come to PCs recently. In it, your heroes and their guild try to regain lost glory. You will do this through requests to increase the ranks of your guild, as well as by improving facilities. Here is our guide to help you.

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Fairy Tail: increase the rank of your guild and complete the requests

Fairy tale’The game circuit is quite simple. In addition to moving forward in the story to follow the arcs of the anime, you’ll be asked to complete the requests (also known as your standard role-playing side quests) that are posted on your guild’s bulletin board. These requests provide you with rewards such as items, materials, and jewelry (gold).

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Applications also come in different types. For example, certain requests would force you to roam towns and cities to speak to multiple NPCs to find out who is smuggling or hiding an item. This could lead to a short battle as well. Others, meanwhile, would commission you to explore nearby areas. Typically, you’ll need to kill specific monsters to complete the count.

Note: Community requests, those received randomly by NPCs in the city, are different from those found on your guild’s request panels. NPC requests tend to be shorter (which requires you to give them some ingredients or materials) and are unrelated to your guild rank. However, they provide you with some articles from Lacrima.

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By completing the applications, you are not only increasing your guild’s popularity by Fairy taleBut you are also leveling up your characters and increasing their personal ties. Also, you will get some “fairy points” that are used to increase a character’s rank. Note that a character’s “rank” is very different from his “level”.

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Don’t forget that each new guild rank you reach also presents you with an important count known as the “Guild Rank Target” (seen below). These have multiple requirements, such as winning multiple duels, completing applications, etc. You’ll also get stronger rewards compared to regular requests.

Note: If you managed to increase your guild’s rank before completing the objective of a previous rank, that’s fine because you can still do some calculations later.

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Improvement of facilities

Let’s say you’ve gotten some gold and now you can upgrade your guild facilities, what’s next? Initially, its center in Fairy tale it only offers few options:

  • Item Shop – Will sell potions and, eventually, other status effect remedies.
  • Request Panel – This will increase the number of requests you can address depending on your guild rank.
  • Laboratory: allows you to create your own Lacrima.

Note: You can view our Lacrima guide if you need help.

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Much later, you will get access to additional functions. Examples include:

  • Library: Increases the EXP received by characters not in your active party. This is particularly useful if you are not interested in using some of Fairy taleIt has around 16 characters, but you still want them to be viable in some battles once in a while.
  • Kitchen: Provides a percentage increase to everyone’s HP.
  • Material Warehouse: Allows you to obtain some items from the guild’s warehouse.

Fairy Tail Guild Range Facilities Upgrades Guide 1b

Some of these updates will require you to head to a location or defeat a certain mob just to get an item (i.e. planks, jars, etc.). They are often marked too, so you won’t feel lost. Oh, and don’t forget that you need gold just to start the “mini-search” for those updates.

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It’s time for a remodel

There’s also Fairy tale‘S remodeling mechanic. In addition to the regular features of these facilities, you can also unlock additional enhancements that are linked to them. Here are some examples of those mentioned above:

  • Item shop: increases the sale price of your items.
  • Request Board – Increases gold earned from completing guild requests.
  • Lab: Increases the damage you do if a mob can “resist” a spell.
  • Library: Increases the recharge rate of the Fairy Meter during battles.
  • Kitchen: Increases more HP.
  • Material warehouse: increases the limit of the warehouse.

Fairy Tail Guild Rank Facilities Upgrades 1d Guide

Remodeling a guild’s facilities also requires gold and materials. However, compared to its enhancement, the materials are conventional that you’ll find scattered across multiple zones or thrown by monsters (i.e., clean water, sagging skin, thick skin, igneous rock, and the like).

If you do not have the necessary materials, you must go and get them. Thankfully, Fairy tale it also informs you of their locations if you click the “Ingredient Information” button.

Fairy Tail Guild Rank Facilities Upgrades Guide 1e

Lastly, note that some of your guild’s facilities (and upgrades) are locked behind the end of chapters. Anyway, as you progress Fairy taleIn the campaign, you should be fine. All of these mechanics, from guild requests and guild ranks to installations and renovation, and much later, claiming the glory of your team, are intertwined with history.

Fairy Tail Guild Rank Facilities Upgrades Final Guide

Fairy tale is available on Steam. For more information, see our guides and feature center.

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