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“Fake, pretend and cynical”; Antonela is confronted and cries — watch!



The mood heated up on “Record Island” and activated the mode: ruffles, confusion and screaming! In this Saturday’s (21st) episode, Mirella Santos, from Gêmeas Lacação, and Dinei returned to the village after their exile, telling everything they saw on camera. Result? A lot of reckoning and widespread bullying among the participants! The already anticipated fight between Mirella and Nadja Pessoa was aired, as well as a colorful argument against Antonela Avellaneda.

Laura Keller x Thomas Costa

Shortly after returning to the Vila, Mirella recounted the comments that Thomaz Costa had made about Laura Keller. The actor said he could judge her for leaving her son at home and going to the reality show. But the former Power Couple exploded and didn’t let it go. “Do you know which mother does this, Thomaz? She is a mother who has just separated from a father and who needs money to support her child. Relax a little, think carefully before you speak, because you talk a lot of shit. Idiot! Kid! Brat!”, she cried, disgusted for the cameras, since Thomaz was in exile.

Laura Island1
Laura Keller was angered to discover that Thomaz Costa had considered questioning her motherhood. (Photo: Playback/Record TV)

Any Borges x Antonela Avellaneda

Mirella also revealed what Antonela would have said about Any Borges, leaving the ex-“On Vacation with the Ex” very angry. “Antonela, from your heart, you should be ashamed of yourself. You are the worst person I have ever met in my life. You should be ashamed of the things you say. I’m shocked”, she fired at the Argentine model. “Don’t join, Laura. She said she was going to hit me with my anxiety”, added the influencer on the alleged tactic that Avellaneda would use.

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Then tempers rose throughout the room, causing Any, Dinei and Valesca Popozuda to lose their patience. “Valesca, [Antonela é] the shortest person I have ever met in my life. You had to be ashamed of yourself!”, shot Any. “This is the snake! Because yes you are”, fired the former football player. Amidst the shouting, Avellaneda wanted to understand what Borges was talking about: “Do you want to explain?”. “When I want to speak, I speak”, replied DJ.

Island Any1
Any Borges got up and confronted Antonela Avellaneda, after hearing what she would have said. (Photo: Playback/Record TV)

Pyong Lee tried to calm Antonela, his ally in the game, in the face of the wave of attacks. “Don’t take the battery! This here is a game. Focus on the game”he said to the blonde, leaving the room in sequence. “Don’t run away, Pyong”, said Any, complemented by her friend. “Pyong is the worst”continued Mirella.

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Nadja Pessoa x Mirella

The mood was already on fire, but it increased even more when the revelations about Nadja came to light. “You wake up too. I heard that you also spoke ill of me behind my back”, said Any about the Pernambuco woman. “He called her a cynic from behind and called me mean. You are mean”complained Mirella. “And even? I’m scared to death of you. But it’s normal for you to come back like this with blood in your eye. It can put on a show. I know my conscience”, mocked Nadja.

Generalized Treta Island
Nadja Pessoa and Mirella further increased the general bullshit in the bedroom. (Photo: Playback/Record TV)

After a series of sarcastic stings, Nadja was also elated: “What I have to say, I say to your face, and I’m not afraid of you, no. You made yourself to my side! And respect me! Because I’m not fake… And you’re not going to piss me off, you bitch”. The ex-Farm left the room and went to the kitchen, following with her complaints through Mirella’s lines. But the twin seal soon arrived in the room and the conflict continued.

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“What I had to say, I said to this kid’s face. ‘Mimimimimi’ oh dammit! Go get you! Because he came back from exile, he’s finding himself. Put the ball down, old man”, added Nadja. “You called me mean, Nadja, I didn’t like that”, argued Mirella. “And what did you call me? False”, she countered, who clapped her hands, while her rival sent ironic little kisses.

Nadja Island1
Nadja Pessoa and Mirella used all their debauchery during the confusion. (Photo: Playback/Record TV)

“Already gave the show! I’m not fake, what I have to say, I say to your face!”, replied Nadja. “I think you’re fake and f*ck you! Fake! You’re fake, feigned and cynical. That’s who you are, okay?”, concluded Mirella. In private, the dancer explained her posture: “Having a conversation with Nadja has to be in irony, in provocation. Because she thinks she can talk like that to someone. If she thinks she can talk like that, I’ll talk too”.

Watch the full below:

Participants go to tears

Once the fight came to an end, it was possible to see Mirella quite annoyed by the tense atmosphere in the house. Later, Antonela Avellaneda also cried and apologized for her comments. “Regardless of what you guys watched, I’m not a bad person. Sorry if I hurt you”, said the ex-BBB. In her interview, the Argentine reflected on her actions: “I don’t even remember what I said, but I said a lot of nonsense”. While apologizing to her colleagues, she also added: “I’m not fine, it’s not personal with either of you”.

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In exile, Thomaz Costa and MC Negão da BL had a disagreement about strategies adopted while they were still in the Vila. The next morning, the “Carousel” actor was also moved to tears by the latest events in the game. “In the village I still had a purpose, a hope. But leaving there, I seem to lose everything”said the artist, in tears. Yeah, tension between explorers…

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