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Fall Guy Confusion On If Its Coming To Game Pass Or Not 



In a recent Tweet, it looked like Xbox thought that Fall Guys was on the way to the Game Pass. One of the biggest subscription services for video games. That is one of the biggest reasons to buy an Xbox. Fall Guy has had success with it being free on PS Plus on the day of release. This gave it a good audience from the beginning and then it grew on Twitch and Steam not long after.

Currently the players for Fall Guy have dropped due to the hype of the game running out. Maybe due to not enough changes in the space since its release. Fall Guy could greatly benefit from becoming free with a subscription like PS Plus. This would make a lot of sense coming to Xbox Game Pass but it’s very confusing on if it’s actually coming to the service or not.  

Who’s right and who’s wrong? 

This started with Xbox Game Pass Instagram account saying this: 

“Us: *constantly adding games faster than you can play them*​

Also us: *constantly joking about endless backlogs*​

Our followers: So is it coming to Game Pass or Not?

Someone replied to this saying: I want Fall Guys on Game Pass


Xbox replied with:

“It’s coming”


This seemed like it confirmed that Fall Guys was on its way to Game Pass but after that the publisher of Fall Guy; Devolver Digital responded to a picture on Twitter:

“That’s Incorrect.” The Official Fall Guys account also responded saying this:  “Sorry – there has been a bit of a mixup – Fall Guys is not coming to Xbox Game Pass!”

Is it coming to Game Pass or not? 

The publishers behind Fall Guy are known to be pretty different. With their crazy events that show off their games and interaction on social media. Although it might be that Game Pass just made a mistake on their Instagram account.

It’s still very confusing but it seems like Fall Guy could come to Game Pass at some. It could really benefit from coming to Game Pass. Making it look like a bluff and the game is actually on its way to Game Pass in the near future.

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