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Farm 13: Rico gives Marina’s indiscreet glance at Bil’s body part, who is surprised: ‘It was instantaneous’; watch



Will we see a new couple take revenge ?! It seems that Rico Melquiades fans already have them! Marina Ferrari and Bil Araújo are getting closer in recent days in “A Fazenda 13”, and the pedestrians around have already noticed this movement. This Thursday morning (25), the ex-MTV caught them both joking that Alagoas’s wife would give the capixaba’s butt a peek.

Bil walked in front of Marina and at that moment Rico caught the naughty gesture. “Marina was looking at her ass now, took a look at those», He delivered, provoking the laughter of his colleague. “And even?Asked the former No Limite.

Motherfucker! He was talking about buttocks, he walked past me. it was instantFerrari explained.Marina du Ciel! my ass is softRico joked then.Do you like a man’s ass? so round“.”It’s nice to have, isn’t it? I’m going to train my buttocks», Replied the model. Aline Mineiro, who also participated in the conversation, said she liked this part of the body in men.

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Melquiades and the ex-Panicat started playing with Bil, climbing on top of him. “Stop it, Rich! Not! Go out!“the model asked. Soon after, he went to the couch with Marina, and the ex-MTV shot:”You’re hiding, eh?“.”only for the weekend“, she joked.”My God in Heaven. I won’t even answer you», Retorted the capixaba.

And Rico seems to really ship the duo, you know ?! Last Sunday (21), the pawn watched the two fellows in confinement and threw: “Why don’t you kiss“.”Go get something to do»Marina replied, embarrassed. “There is nothing to be done, my daughter. Outside just give me a few kisses to pass the time“He continued.

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there is no more time”, Argued the influencer, recalling that the program ends. “19 days of kissing, sleeping together, glued together. And then when you get out of here… Enjoy life, you are young and beautiful. I will do it», Insisted Melquiades.

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