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Filipe Ret is investigated after being accused of distributing marijuana at a party in RJ



O Alert City accompanied the police operation in search of rapper Filipe Ret at a luxury resort in Angra dos Reis (RJ). The artist is being investigated for possible involvement in drug trafficking after a birthday party.

It all started when the singer posted a photo holding a bucket of drugs. According to information, Filipe would be distributing, free of charge, marijuana to the guests of his party.

Before locating him at the resort, the police were at the rapper’s house, in the neighborhood of Flamengo (RJ), and found the drug and packaging to prepare the cigarette.

The artist showed no resistance. At the resort, agents found more marijuana. The singer’s cell phone was also seized.

In a note, Filipe’s advice said that the rapper was surprised by the police action. He provided clarification, signed a term of personal use of the drug and was released.

Despite the accusation of free distribution of marijuana, the police investigate the possible involvement with drug trafficking and try to find out if there are more involved.

On social media, he claimed to have a company in California, in the United States, that works with this type of substance.

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