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Final Fantasy XVI Easy Mode Could Be On The Way



When Final Fantasy XVI was first announced towards the end of 2020, I was almost convinced the game was an improved continuation of the next generation of Final Fantasy XIV’s MMO formula. The visuals recalled the fantastic artistic direction of A Realm Reborn and the involvement of Creative Business Unit III spoke for itself. However, the rest of the launch trailer refuted my original assumptions; Final Fantasy XVI will likely be a storytelling single-player experience, similar to classic fan-favorite Final Fantasy games. Producer Naoki Yoshida all but confirmed this on a recent radio show. In fact, the latest installment in the JRPG franchise, according to Yoshida, will come with an easy mode.

Yoshida was originally talking about the future of the popular MMO Final Fantasy; a project he’s been involved with since its initial release in 2013. As questions began to focus primarily on the next chapter of the illustrious franchise, Yoshida couldn’t help but say a few words about what the team was up to. development works: “We really want players to enjoy the story, so we are preparing a mode for players who want to focus on the story,” said Yoshida. “Since we have some pretty big support stocks, of course we’re making something easy to use and easy to play. Don’t worry too much … players who are not good at action games. ”

Apparently, Final Fantasy XVI should be extremely action-oriented; I can’t help but think of a cross between the FFXV and FFVII Remake combat systems, which represent Square Enix’s recent successful forays into real-time mechanics. It also makes me wonder if the next JRPG is going to be difficult.

As a longtime Final Fantasy fan, I can’t wait to see how Final Fantasy XVI builds on the successes of its predecessors as well as how it will stand out for a new generation audience. Are you going to dive into FFXVI’s easy mode or do you plan to brave wild cactuars and malboros in a much higher difficulty level?

[[[[Source: Gematsu via Destructoid]

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