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Find out who is still entitled to emergency aid in 2022



In the last two years, more than R$ 300 billion was spent to pay the various installments of emergency aid, which helps with the expenses of millions of Brazilians. Recently, rumors have surfaced about the return of this benefit for families in social vulnerabilitywhere it was announced that the federal government will be able to offer the benefit of R$ 200 to beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil.

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In the case of payments of up to R$200, the proposal will still be included in PEC 16/2022, with the objective of reducing the impact of inflation on Brazilians’ pockets. However, it still has to go through the Senate and approval by President Jair Bolsonaro. On the other hand, there is already a retroactive effect on emergency aid for single parents and heads of households. With a single installment of R$ 3 thousand, the objective is to help those who take care of their children alone, without a partner.

Amount of retroactive aid

To find out if you are entitled to extra payments, you must visit the Dataprev website, where you can consult your data by filling in some information, such as full name, CPF and date of birth. Thus, the Ministry of Citizenship will assess whether the head of the family really does not have a spouse and at least one minor under his care.

In terms of values, it will depend on the amount of installments that these parents received between April and August 2020:

  • 5 months of benefit: amount of R$ 3 thousand;
  • 4 months of benefit: amount of R$ 2.4 thousand;
  • 3 months of benefit: amount of R$ 1.8 thousand;
  • 2 months of benefit: amount of R$ 1.2 thousand;
  • 1 month of benefit: value of R$ 600.

More than 1.3 million single parents will have access to retroactive aid, with around 500,000 Brazilians remaining to receive this year, while female heads of household were entitled to double the benefit there at the beginning of the program, in 2020

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