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First Month Of PS Plus In The PS5 Era Is Looking Good 



The new PS Plus games have been revealed but the big change here is the fact that it’s the first month into the PS5 era. We didn’t know how the next generation was going to work until now.

It turns out though it’s kind of the same as how PS3 worked with PS Plus when PS4 released. In this fact if you own a PS5, you get to play the PS5 and PS4 Ps plus free games in the future. Then if you just own a PS4, you can only play the PS4 games. 

The PS4 Games 

The games that are available on both PS4 and PS5 are Shadow of War and Hollow Knight. Shadow of War is the direct sequel to Shadow of Mordor. The great series that is set in the Lord of The Rings world. It follows Talion on his journey with main focus being the Nemesis system.

A new system that makes all bosses feel like they have their own personalities. Their second game, Hollow Knight, is an Indie Classic. It’s an action game that’s tough to complete but it’s worth it. It’s set in a kingdom full of insects and is a 2D hand drawn master piece. 

The PS5 Games 

The game is available as part of the PS5 and is the first game to be part of the free PS Plus games is Bugsnax, an upcoming adventure game that is made by the same people behind Octodad. Bugsnax though seems to be completely different and focuses more on story than physics.

At the moment there is still some mystery around this game but if you’re a PS Plus member, it’s definitely a game that looks worth a try. Looking at this game alone, it’s worth buying the PS Plus membership if you are planning on getting a PS5. 

What did you think of the PS Plus games of November?

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