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Football Manager 2020: Four Players Under The Age Of 30 That Should Be Signed From Italy



Creating your dream team on Football Manager 2020 can often be tough as some players are over priced in the game. That means that managers should instead look to bring in players from a specific country where the transfer fees are slightly smaller than the Premier League and La Liga. One of the best countries to get value for money is Serie A, with some of the best players under the age of 30 available for less than £5 million. But, which stars should be snapped up by managers looking at talent in Serie A?


Football Manager 2020 Serie A: Marco Sportiello


One of the best players that managers will be able to build their team around is Atalanta goalkeeper Marco Sportiello. The 27-year-old is available at just under £4 million, and is incredibly talented. The Italian still has a little potential to improve further. He has incredible ratings of 14 and 15 for aerial reach and commanding the area. Meanwhile, he also has a brilliant 14 rating for handling and one on ones. The Atalanta man is a signing that all managers should make.


Football Manager 2020 Serie A: Ronaldo Viera


Ronaldo Viera is one of the most expensive players on this list, but he will only set managers back a fee of £5 million. He has been playing football at Sampdoria for the past couple of years after turning his back on Leeds United, and his potential is finally being realised in Italy. The 22-year-old is a solid choice for managers looking for a defensive midfielder. He has a rating of 15 for anticipation, and a 14 rating for passing, decision, positioning, teamwork and balance.


Football Manager 2020 Serie A: Amin Younes


Napoli have produced some remarkable players down the years, and 25-year-old Amin Younes is well on his way to being involved in that discussion. He has already been capped five times for Germany and is available for a fee of around £9 million on Football Manager. Younes will add pace to your team as he has a rating of 16 for acceleration and 17 for agility. Meanwhile, he also has a flair rating of 16, which means that he has the ability to unlock a defence.


Football Manager 2020 Serie A: Mattia Destro


Finding a player to hit the back of the net can often be testing for managers. However, it is hard to find a more affordable option that Mattia Destro. The 28-year-old is a proven goalscorer for Bologna, and managers will be able to sign him for a fee of around £5 million. He has a rating of 15 for finishing and off the ball. Destro is an excellent choice for managers looking for a striker to chip in with important goals.

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