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Formerly Terminated Caster Krat Returns For PUBG Mobile Bangladesh Challenge



Indian esports personality and well-known PUBG MOBILE commentator, Mannu ‘Krat’ Karki had taken a hiatus from casting after accusations of misconduct earlier this April. Now, after nearly 4 months, the caster is back. He will be part of the on-air talents involved in casting the PUBG Mobile Bangladesh Challenge 2020 along with SuperJonny. They will also be joined by Pisla Baba, TimeBurner and India Sparki also known as Debojyoti Choudhury.

Krat’s Troubled Past

In April 2020, Krat was found abusing and making threats to his opponents in a game of CS:GO along with his friends. In a post made on a community group on Facebook, a community member alleged that his friends were subjected to a volley of abuses, casteist remarks, and threats of violence in a game of CS:GO against Krat and his friends. The post contained proof of the incident, with chat logs showing some of the things that were said during the match and a video clip containing the exchange which happened via in-game audio.

Following the controversy, his then employers, NODWIN Gaming, posted an announcement that his employment with the company had been terminated. The decision came after Krat owned up to the incident and issued an apology. The apology post was later taken down. AFK Gaming has reached out to Krat for a comment and has not yet received a response.

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PUBG Mobile Bangladesh Challenge 2020

The tournament features a prize pool of BDT 17,00,000 and consists of four stages. The open-for-all In-game Qualifiers were conducted from 21st to 25th August. Every registered squad played 10 matches, out of which the eight best games were considered for Round 1 (Pre-Qualifiers). The top 252 teams advanced to Round 1. The Pre-Qualifiers were conducted from 30th August to 2nd September. The top 252 teams along with 4 invited Influencers teams played. The teams were divided into 16 groups which played a total of 2 matches on Erangel & Sanhok. Soulz OF BD, Invader Bengalis, AQB AQUA, Team Shield Radiation and VENOM SIR ALLIANCE were the top 5 teams overall. 

Three teams from each group moved on to Online Qualifiers (Round 2) which started today making it a total of 64 Teams competing in the Online Qualifiers. 48 Teams from Round 1 (Pre-Qualifiers) + 16 directly invited Professional teams were divided into 4 groups and the top 4 from each group will qualify for the Grand Finals. The Finals of the PUBG Mobile Bangladesh Challenge 2020 will happen on 11th and 12th September 2020. 

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Disclosure: NODWIN Gaming is a minority investor in and a client of AFK Gaming. 

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