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Fortnite’s Near Future: Coral Castle Destroyed, IO’s Weapon Against the Aliens, & the Mothership Opens!



There have been plenty of rumors to pick from the Fortnite grapevine as of late, including some major storyline events and changes to the map. This is good news for a lot of players, since POIs and named locations received little attention when we switched from Season 6 to Season 7.

All that may change soon. Although there is no guarantee the changes listed below will happen for the 17.10 update slated for June 22, there is further speculation that it could. Let’s look at the what the Fortnite dataminers and leakers have been revealing.

Coral Castle Gets a Makeover

There have been several Tweets from many people regarding what is about to happen to Coral Castle. According to leakers, Coral Castle is going to be destroyed, likely during the war against the aliens. Shown below is a Tweet from Mang0e that tells us a little about this change.

The Mothership Opens

Following the rabbit hole of Tweets, we’re eventually brought to a tweet from popular Fortnite leaker @Hypex who revealed to us substantial information about the giant Alien Mothership hovering over the island.

With this info, we can likely expect a full-scale invasion from the aliens. If the Tweet is true and we do get abducted, will this open up the possibility of another layer to the map? Could it be used to avoid gunfire when we’re low on health? Only time will tell.

IO Weapon Plans

While this is not a certainty, it’s close. There have been hints all around the map (and especially Corny Complex) that Doctor Slone is developing a device to fight back against the aliens and we may soon see what it is. In the Tweet from Mang0e below, you can see some of the most revealing information about this.

Unfortunately, that’s the most telling information we have about the weapon. However, as with moth of Fortnite‘s story, we can expect this weapon (as well as the other changes listed above) to cause an explosion of hype!

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