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four times in a day



One heiress to a horse breeding empire in Australia was indicted this week for having sex with a 14 year old – according to the police, four times in a day.

The investigation found that Savannah Daisley, 48, had a sexual affair with the minor when she was drunk, over 24 hours, on May 20 of last year. The sex sessions took place at the Australian’s home in Sydney.

Recordings obtained by police show that Savannah had little memory of what happened in your house. It is unclear whether the two had ever had any intimate contact prior to May 20.

Savannah, influencer, writer and entrepreneur of Health, has been detained since Monday (27/6). She will remain in custody until her next court appearance on August 23.

The woman is the daughter of Ross Daisley, a famous breeder of the thoroughbred Choisir racehorse, who became an international champion after winning the prestigious Royal Ascot and Newmarket races, traditional races of horse racing in the United Kingdom, in 2003, according to report by the “NY Post”.

Savannah Daisley with her father
Savannah Daisley with her father Photo: Playback/Facebook

Savannah Daisley
Savannah Daisley Photo: Playback/Instagram

The Australian, who has two children, declared herself innocent.

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