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Free Fire Cobra Guardian Backpack: How to Get For Free



The Free Fire Cobra Guardian Backpack can be acquired through the current Project Cobra Registration Event. The event offers a ton of in-game loot like Bounty Tokens, Pet Food, Universal Shards, and the grand prize, the Cobra Guardian Backpack. The event is as easy as logging into the game every day and registering to claim the rewards. The event will last until March 5, 2021. This is just one of the few events featured in the Project Cobra update. Here are the details about the Project Cobra registration event and how you can get your hands on the Cobra Guardian Backpack for free.

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Free Fire Cobra Guardian backpack: how to get it for free

Players can acquire the Cobra Guardian Backpack by logging in for seven days and claiming it during the Project Cobra registration event. The event will last until March 5, 2021, so that players have ample time to collect all the rewards.

Here is the list of items you can acquire during the Project Cobra registration event;

  • 1 day login – Bounty Token Play Card (7 days)
  • Log 3 days – Pet Food.
  • Log in 5 days – Universal Fragment x500.
  • Log 7 Days – Cobra Guardian Backpack.

Players can claim the rewards in the events section of the game. Here’s how players can claim the rewards;

  1. Tap the calendar of events in the main lobby
  2. Press the “Project Cobra 27/2” tab to access the events section
  3. Select the Project Cobra recording event
  4. Claim your rewards
Log in for 7 days to claim the Cobra Guardian backpack.Project Cobra recording event in Free Fire

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Project Cobra Events Calendar

The Project Cobra recording event is one of the few events featured in the Project Cobra update. There are a ton of new in-game events that reward players with in-game items like character skins, coupons, surfboards, and more.

Here is the calendar of events for the Cobra Project update;

Log in on February 27 to get Shirou for free.Free Fire Project Cobra Events Calendar

Don’t forget to log in on February 27 and claim a free in-game character, Shirou, with the return of the Bermuda Remastered Card.

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