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Free Fire has made new characters and maps



Free Fire has made new characters and maps

Free Fire has made new characters and maps


Free Fire has made an update on Tuesday. Update of the patch this latest cover some changes, such as adding and subtracting the existing map, and enter a new character.

In this update, one of Free Fire game developers Garena embeds a new map or map called Kalahari. While pre-existing Purgatory maps are deleted from Classic mode.

Garena feels that the Purgatory map is rarely chosen by players in Classic mode. However, this map can still be played in Rush Hour mode.

‘After we launched our second map, Purgatory, we realized that our players did not like it as we hoped,’ Garena said, quoted from the official website on Thursday.

Then, on the Kalahari map, despite appearing in the game, it can’t be used yet. This map has reportedly only been able to be effectively enjoyed by players in March.

The Kalahari map looks nuanced in the orange desert. Because as the name implies, the Kalahari Desert is also real and is located in southern Africa.

Next, a new character named Steffie appears. This character can make graffiti that is useful to reduce bullet damage and explosions in an area.

In addition to these updates, still no updates other carried by the patch. For example, the display before entering the lobby, and when he was in the lobby is different, it is not nuanced snow. Then there are new weapons and many more.

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