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Free Fire: Operation Chrono Update Announced



Garena’s popular Battle Royale mobile game, Free Fire, has released a ton of content in an effort to expand its player base this year. With Free Fire Max in the works, Garena has been busy delivering more content to her players. Recently, the developers announced an upcoming update for Free Fire, the OB25 update: Operation Chrono.

What is Operation Chrono?

Operation Chrono has been teased in Free Fire’s advanced server for quite some time now, it comes with a lot of additional content for the game and fans have been waiting for this update to arrive on the regular server.

Free Fire has posted its upcoming new content on its official Facebook page. The post mentioned that the Operation Chrono update will be deployed on December 7. The new update features a new character named “Chrono”, who is supposed to be the star of football: Cristiano Ronaldo.

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New content published in Operation Chrono

This update has been released in the Advanced Server and is called the OB25 update and has additional content for the game which will include :.

  • New Chrono character
  • New character Snowelle
  • The return of the gun, vector
  • New Baboob Pet

Who is Chrono?

The next character “Chrono” is a bounty hunter capable of bending time and space for protection and dexterity. Similar to the character Alok and K, he comes with an active skill called “Time Turner,” making him the third character to have an active skill in Free Fire.

Chrono’s “Time-Turner” special ability allows him to launch a force field that blocks damage from enemies and buffs him and his allies within shield range with increased movement speed.

Who is Snowelle?

A non-tech expert, Snowelle created A124 and freed it from the lab. She has an active skill called Nano Nerves. When activated, enemies who are shot by it will not be able to use their active skills or heal themselves by converting EP to HP. This is a perfect counter for Alok and K as they rely on their active skills to dominate the battlefield. Snowelle will be available with the Operation Chrono update.

The return of the gun, vector

The vector first appeared during the beta phase of Free Fire and was later removed from the game when it was released. The return of Operation Chrono update brings nostalgia to those who took part in the beta phase of the game and is a nice addition to anyone’s arsenal of weapons. The Vector is a very powerful SMG despite its downside of having only 19 rounds per magazine. With precise aim, this weapon can be very deadly for anyone.

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New pet baboon

This new animal isn’t exactly cute and cuddly. These are killings and explosions. The new pet “Beaston the Baboon” is a monkey capable of increasing your throwing range for grenades. Its skills allow you to throw Gloo Wall, Grenade, or Smoke Grenade in a much longer radius, allowing you to attack enemies much further away. This pet will be available with the Operation Chrono update.

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