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From Paris Hilton to Madonna: Gkay’s giant shoe costs almost R$19,000 and became a hit among celebrities; know everything here



In the most fashionable phase of her career, Gessica Kayanea Gkay, once again surprised his followers on Tuesday (19). One day after having your photo shared on the brand’s profile Schiaparelli, the influencer and businesswoman appeared on the networks with a gigantic boot, drawing scandalous comments from the public. Rated at almost BRL 19 thousand, the shoe is branded WindowsenDarling in Madonna, Paris Hilton, doja cat, Charlie XCX, Pablo Vittar and many other celebrities.

Led by Chinese designer Sensen Liithe essence of Windowsen is to show the beauty of the stranger. The reason for this is Sensen’s passion for aliens, outer space and fantastical creatures. All this inspiration is translated into huge dresses, weird accessories (in the best sense of the word) and powerful shoes.

Next to friend and content creator alvaroGkay shared the unboxing the pair of boots – but he couldn’t walk in them. In the comments, fans and personalities were amused by the situation. “For God’s sake, how many centimeters is that?” asked the actress. Maisa. “Lady Gaga is unemployed now,” joked the actor Leo Picon.

Although the shoe has gone viral in Brazil today, the label has been successful for quite some time. Below, we list some personalities who were successful with looks from Windowsen.

Madonna — Photo: Playback/Instagram @windowsen

Paris Hilton — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @windowsen

Rosalía — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @windowsen

Pabllo Vittar — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @windowsen

FKA Twigs — Photo: Playback/Instagram @windowsen

Paloma Mami — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @windowsen

Charlie XCX — Photo: Playback/Instagram @windowsen

Sita Bellan — Photo: Playback/Instagram @windowsen

Tina Shenow — Photo: Playback/Instagram @windowsen

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